TimeLimit Configuration Suggestions

self limitation

Here, the "child" is the restricted profile and the "parent" is the admin who can change the settings. Due to that, it can be a good idea to create new users with the names "admin" and "restricted" and to remove the automatically created users.

The restricted user should be chosen as the user of the device. Setting a password for the admin user can slow down oneself before changing the configuration.

It's possible to setup a login lock for the admin user (in the configuration screen for the user) to prevent configuration changes when limits apply. As backup, one must create a second admin without login lock and this admin should have a different password which one saves in a way that's difficult to reach or which only an other person knows.

There is the "Self limit adding" for the child user which can be enabled. This allows adding limits while one does not allow oneself the change the settings freely. This only allows a few configuration changes - see the help dialog of this feature for details.

When restricting only a few Apps, then it's a good idea to create a category which is not restricted. It's possible to configure it as default for all Apps without settings in the last tab of the category itself by setting it as "default category".

If one does not want to use a blacklist, then it's good to plan time for creating the whitelist. Depending on the phone, one must allow multiple Apps just to do a phone call.

device with multiple restricted users

This scenario occurs e.g. at family tablets.

For this, every restricted user should have a restricted user profile/ child profile in TimeLimit.

To allow user switching without admins, you can set a password for every user (including children). Then, every user can sign in using the button in the bottom right at TimeLimit. A child can not change settings, it can only set itself as the user of the device.

To allow users to sign out, you need an additional dummy child user. This can be set as default user at the settings for the device. By switching to the default user, users can sign out themself.

Additionaly, it's possible to enable switching to the default user after inactivity.

global time limit

For this, one can create an additional category with the limit which should be the global limit. This category can be set as parent category for all categories which should be affected by the global limit. The parent category of a category can be set at the last tab within the configuration of the category.